Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Electric Fountain opens in Manhattan

Manhattan never ceases to amaze me: just when I think it couldn't get more corporate, they go plonk a huge fairground inspired, LED sprinkled, 35 ft high installation in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza.

What it is is an Electric Fountain, mimicing the tradition of fountains in public spaces, and one of the few major public art installations by the British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster. My inner geek was particularly pleased to discover that it uses 3,390 LED bulbs and 527 meters of neon tubing.

We trotted dutifully up to Midtown for the private view: somewhat of a contradiction in terms, as it's a piece of public art, easily viewed by anyone.

Still, we appreciated the warming hot apple cider which perked us up enough for a late night shopping session in the Lord & Taylor sale, conveniently located a mere ten blocks from the Rockefeller.

Oh and the on dit doing the party rounds was that it's up for sale for a mere £1 million/US$2 million.

The Electric Fountain is in Rockefeller Plaza from February 27 through April 05.