Friday, September 08, 2006

Mission statement

I've been feeling somewhat aimless of late. Breaking up with my boyfriend ( well, being dumped actually), the August hiatus ( everyone in the fashion world seems to bugger off on holiday for a month) and a distinct feeling of treading water where my career is concerned.

I need to get some focus back, and I figure that the discipline of writing this every day will give me some more structure. Plus I seem to have a lot I want to say right now, and I think that my friends may shortly reach saturation point where my inchoate ramblings are concerned.

There's nothing like splitting up with your boyfriend to make you start vomiting words onto paper, plus my social life has grown exponentially. I feel like I've come out of hibernation. So, this blog is going to be a mixture of reviews, think pieces and just plain old rambling...

Clothes: Olive v neck, denim pedal pushers, orange ballerines.
Soundtrack: Radio Four