Friday, March 30, 2007


I don't deserve to be mentioned in the company of Janine di Giovanni and the fabulous William Dalrymple, but thank you to James Scott Linville for linking to me on his erudite blog The Main Point

Other blogs I find myself clicking through too often are the acerbic View From The Fourth Row, The (genius)Sartorialist and the knicker wettingly funny Fug Girls (A proper guilty pleasure.) I stumbled across The Coherent the other day - gd to get a male take on fashion for once. And, of course, all my fellow fashion hacks as listed in my Required Reading links - off to the right. Mind you, I haven't even investigated food, literature or music blogs yet. I feel tired at the thought.

Although I must give a mention to Fire and Knives, an addictive food & cooking blog from London by the extremely talented Tim Haywood. I know this because I have commissioned him.