Friday, March 23, 2007

The Four Seasons

It's a whole different world up there in mid-town. JD's boyfriend's best friend F is a banker, in town for some mega mega deal. When the call came in to schlep up 51 blocks for after dinner drinks at The Four Seasons our enthusiasm levels were low. Eventually we dolled up, furs, legs & heels and trotted off to the hotel looking like two Russian call girls on the make. JD did look thoroughly fabulous.

Two English guys looked us up & down as we swept into the bar, and said knowingly, "Park Avenue". Genius. The four superannuated blondes at the bar, who really were on the make, were not best pleased at our arrival. Best line of the evening: Them to me: (after some sniping about my elbows in their space at the crowded bar) Looks like Camilla Parker Bowles Jr has arrived. F to them: Looks like Hillary Rodham Clinton Sr is already at the bar. Most pleased to spot some old school New Yorkers with wind tunnel plastic surgery, helmet hair and couture coming out of Atelier Joel Robuchon (the hotel restaurant).

We relocated to the lobby bar, away from the suits & the filles de joie, to snack on an "artisanal" cheese plate & Kobe hamburgers. Someone please tell them that their Camembert is not a goat cheese and that Kobe beef tastes so much better served hot not stone cold.

Joined by M, an investment guy on the deal. We ended up drinking a vastly overpriced bottle of Oregon Pinot in SoHo. Their expense account. M did flirting & asked me out for dinner tomorrow. Typical. My first date in NYC is with a British banker. (Although not my type, plus JD and his mate are coming along too, so should be fun.) Soho House is booked. (We can be the annoying braying English that AA Gill hates so much).

I wore: My black vintage mini dress again (ok I was hungover - sartorial decisions not high on priority list). Black patent low platform ankle strap stilettos with red soles. Black fur wrap. Black bakelite cuff. All Saints bubble patent bag.

Today I am listening to: 2 Many DJs mix