Saturday, March 24, 2007

What not to do in Manhattan

Delicious, fun dinner for four at Soho House on Friday night: British Banker, JD, Married Man (MM) and myself. I never normally bother with it in the evening as the crowd isn't really my scene, too desperate, somehow; it's better for curling up in an armchair, reading the papers and drinking tea during the day. However all visitors demand to be taken there so.... Cocktails, Cristal, Oregon Pinot, vodka. And then a cab at midnight to The Grand mid-town for dancing and more drinking. Result: serious hangover today.

We were with B & K who were on the next table to us at SH. He's a hedge fund person , she's a beautiful TV exec. They swept us in on the guest list, past the hordes, & we partied in quite some style, centre stage table, bottle service et al. I love the way black guys like B go dancing here dressed like dons (cord jackets and specs). So sexy.

Good moments: everyone dancing on the banquettes to Crazy in Love. Hilarious ones: JD falling off the banquette (fortunately in my direction like an angel from heaven, just in time to avert me from lamping MM (with octopus hands) who had just told me that I was trouble). B turns out to be best friends from college with actor boy from Wednesday. Small world. A hilarious evening, all other things apart.

I'm just pissed off & disappointed because I thought I had made a great new platonic male friend to hang out with here. And instead MM was chatting me up, & I was too drunk to realise & then deal with the situation in a grown up & sensible manner. I am a naive fool.

I wore: Black silk V neck tunic, Black Wolfords, Kurt Geiger black patent pointy toe 4" lethal Mary Jane stilettos. one very long knotted gold chain.

Today I am listening to: The Smiths