Thursday, March 22, 2007

Last night was a winner

Utterly bloody Spotted Pig was rammer. Full of bankers & badly dressed girls. So, we went to Frederick’s Downtown on the edge of Meatpacking for supper a deux. The waiter didn’t get it, one of those French fuckwits who think women shouldn’t dine together without men. I chatted to him in French a bit when JD was in the loo & he unbent a little. By the end he was all, 'bisous', and 'charmant'. Tosspot. Still our grande bouffe was £32 each, including a bottle of Crozes Hermitage. God I love eating out here. For the price of Pizza Express we eat onglet, asparagus and passion fruit semi-freddo. Formidable!

We trotted off to the Casio unbreakable phone party at One. Woo hoo. Pink was there & various other ahem 'celebs': Damon Dash, some bloke from Run DMC. You get the picture. For some random reason we ended up sitting with Michelle Rodriguez and her mates. I spent the latter part of the evening hanging out with a sexy AND intelligent man. Extraordinary at a publicity party.

JD had him tapped as an actor; I thought she was delusional. Anyway, turns out she was right: it’s just that I watch one version of his show & he’s in another… whatever. Google tells me he's been one of People magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive".(hmm) & that he graduated from an Ivy League magna cum laude (now that's properly sexy). He took my number, & asked if I was in LA often. But hey, it's just flirting. I've been warned about the men over here... JD hasn't stopped teasing me since - not about being chatted up but because of my inability to recognise an actor from my supposedly favourite TV show.

I wore: Banana Republic cream silk, cap sleeved, scoop neck, short tunic over Miss S brown tweed, pretty short, shorts, brown Wolfords, ToSho dark red patent platform Mary Janes. Lots of vintage gold chain action.

Today I am listening to: Dirty Pretty Things