Thursday, March 08, 2007

Libertylondongirl is, technically, now Libertynewyorkgirl

We are now safely ensconced in our beautiful East Village walk up. I do love it here, although I miss my lovely English friends. (She gulps, weeping inconsolably into her cup of imported Twinings Earl Grey, while holding onto her teddy in one hand, and reaching for the Marmite toast with the other.)

Writer Man came round to inspect the apt on Sunday and we walked up to heavenly, heavenly Strand Books, a mere 10 min walk from home. My intention is to try to read as much American literature and, specifically, literature by Americans about or based in New York whilst I am here. WM’s no comment face when he saw Candace Bushnell’s Lipstick Jungle in my basket was priceless. I didn’t tell him I was just finishing Tallulah’s proof copy of The Manny (part of her care package for me). I redeemed myself with Dawn Powell & Willa Cather and added Mimi Sheraton’s restaurant critic memoir & Daniel Boulud’s cheffing book and a history of the American Revolution. J bought The Beauty Guide to NYC - she is desperate to find a hairdresser who won’t screw up her highlights. (I just want to find a place that does cheap, long lasting mani/pedis)

We arrived to torrential rain, Saturday was so warm we had brunch outdoors in T shirts (being able to eat huevos rancheros was almost worth the move to Manhattan alone), & now it’s snowing. AND -10. Gah. Bloody schizophrenic weather. Frostbitten knees again. Either I buy thicker tights (can you get thicker than 80 den Wolford?) Or I lower my hemlines. My parents descend in state on Friday - have told them to bring brollies, sunglasses, wellies, balaclavas and fur. They are treating us to Gordon Ramsey’s new restaurant on Sat and The Carlyle for brunch on Sunday. Delicious.

First flea market trip in the East Village - result: one green pressed glass cake stand for $10, & yet more vintage gold chains for my necklace collection.

Hit the email yesterday and, as a result, we are out practically every night for the next fortnight at least. We have our first fash/socialite do (at Bergdorf’s) on Tues which I am sure will be fascinating from an anthropological view. My asst back in London has emailed all the gd PRs to make showroom appts for me so I shld be up to date pretty soon.

Other than that, we are tramping the streets just getting to know the city. I am determined to walk for at least an hour each day so I can discover, well, everything.(& become toned, healthy etc etc). I don’t think there is any danger of our being bored her and, of course, practically every person that I know in London is threatening to come to stay.

I am wearing: Black silk nightdress from Anthropologie in SoHo & woolly bed socks