Friday, March 16, 2007

Sod Spring. It's snowing again

East Village Snow

Sod Spring. It’s been snowing all day, & the BBC says it’s -2C (the New York Post says 28F – whichever) outside. Very Christmas in a fucked up kind of way for March. I was woken at 6am by a mouse trotting across my bedroom floor. (Who knew they had such noisy feet? – must be wearing clogs) Simultaneously attacked with cramps and have now spent the day alternately asleep and reading trying to mask the pain with glorious Solpadeine Max ( I stocked up @ Heathrow – you can’t buy codeine here, fools)

Nipped out at lunch in my furry bonnet (at last!) to buy a hormone demanded brownie at Coffee Bean on 1st and 4th. Taken aback to open the front door to find the sidewalks completely covered in a couple of inches of snow – that had passed me by. Impossible to cross the roads without stepping in piles of slush. Horizontal, face exfoliating hail too. Situation redeemed by the charming flirting of coffee guy & the spotting of THREE attractive men – a staggering count in a city seemingly devoid of cute guys. I am so going back there during the day with my laptop for some writer-ly (read gazing) activity. Then trudged through the snow (in my now decidedly damp canvas Converse – too much codeine to make sensible shoe related decisions) to Thai Garden on 2nd for a lunchtime special, $10 all in for big, rice-filled, sleep-inducing lunch. The lemongrass & galangal spiked steam transported me straight back to Bangkok – until I looked up from my book to see the slush covered sidewalks, slipping walkers and sweaty snow shovellers.

Went to the party for the launch of the Fashion in Film Festival last night with Writer man and L, after drinking margaritas with M, a V stylish English fashion PR I met at the Allega party on Weds pm up in the hermetically sealed Upper East Side. Saw A as planned, and she, L & I ended up in some latenight dive bar in the Lower East Side. VERY drunk.


J is shooting for Numéro @ a studio down the road so I am home alone. I did pitch a couple of stories to my editor at The Sin-day Times Travel section, so something ( very small) achieved. As well as speaking to the divine Miss P back in London. Craving a chilli loaded curry and a DVD. Hmm. Does Blockbuster deliver?

Reading: Eating My Words by Mimi Sheraton,
Wearing: Blue Boden T shirt & black lace knickers

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