Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Varnishing the truth

Very very dark red, almost black nail varnish seems unnecessarily gloomy in the sunshine. And I’m fed up with seeing it (chipped) on the paws of D list celebs. Having finally stopped chewing my nails last autumn, I’ve taken to having weekly manicures (an indulgence possible in NYC where it costs me $10 incl tip), and choosing a nail varnish has become as exciting as choosing books in Strand. Which explains why I am currently sporting neon pink nails. (I’m pretending it’s a nod to SS07’s acid colour trend but actually I just think it looks ridiculous and therefore weirdly desirable). And which is why I will be sporting the nail varnish colours more usually seen on an over-excited tween until the novelty wears off. Given the selection of colours at the nail spa I reckon it'll take at the very least the next six months.

I’m thinking silver for next week.