Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter bunnies

It's dislocating being in Manhattan when London is cheerfully on holiday. The Easter break, (which encompasses Good Friday & Bank Holiday Monday) means that England pretty much shuts down for four days. I don't miss home but I miss my annual rituals: eating a vast quantity of chocolate, village church on Sunday and a delicious lunch cooked by my mother for all my friends and relations. I'm going to have to build my own in Manhattan. I suspect they may be somewhat different.

So far, they include: drinking beer, dancing, eating chinese take out, burning around the village on my Schiaparelli Pink bike, the movies (Blades of Glory - utterly fabulous) and general hanging out with JD & A. Tomorrow JD & I aim for focus: The Frick, The Guggenheim & The Met, combined with a strenuous walk in Central Park. We'll see.....