Saturday, April 14, 2007

SCUBA suits & G strings

I am writing like a fiend, aiming to get copy filed for Monday am but feel the need for a little procrastination. I was distracted by three comments left on various postings here. Blimey! People who don't know me actually read my blog. It's quite a disconcerting thought as although, like all hacks, I secretly hope that someone, somewhere, is hanging on my every written word, a blog is so personal that it's quite a mental leap to realise that I am sharing part of my life with strangers.

It's sunny here, but still chilly. JD is shooting for Numéro again. Her asst is away, so ran a couple of errands for her whilst she was shooting: picking up a SCUBA suit (don't ask) & buying underwear. I got a certain amusement from burning up 1st on my pink bike with a SCUBA outfit suspended from my handlebars. I've spent the rest of the morning buying women's flesh tone G strings in SoHo for the male model. You can imagine the conversations I've been having with the shop assistants in Calvin & Victoria's Secret. I didn't suspend the underwear from my handlebars.