Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yesterday we dragged ourselves away from House (JD) & Sex & The City (me)* and up to the rarified air of the Upper East Side. East 96th no less (consider that we live on East 6th). Several of the major museums are on Fifth which borders Central Park, allowing the dilatory museum goer to get through them all in a relatively short period of time - think South Kensington. The Met loomed ahead but we couldn't face it, our cultural leanings satiated (for the time being) by the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, The Guggenheim & The Frick.

To my utter, utter shame I had never visited Cooper Hewitt before. The current show, Design Life Now: National Design Triennial is a window into the experimental designs and emerging ideas at the centre of American culture now. It's beautifully curated and, above all, enormously enjoyable. Go, go, go if you are in New York. Take the relatives, hell, take the kids. (There's Pixar & penguins, KidRobots & The Sims - fun, fun, fun for all the family.)

The rest of the day.
Supper: Vietnamese (sauteed pea shoots, chili spiked long beans & beancurd) at Tigerland on 1st at 6th with JD & T. (She's planning a PhD on Jewish mysticism in 14th C Italy. As you do.)
Party: Tre's housewarming in Alphabet City, in an apt filled with models & beer. I lasted an hour, exhausted by culture.

Oh, & I have orange nails now.

*I have an excuse, yes I do. Interviewing Pat Field on Wednesday. This is research, oh yes it is.