Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer shoes

I've never been a Steve Madden type of girl. The shoes always seem well, a little cheap, a little tacky. Just an inch too high, or the heel just off. Until yesterday, that is. I am obsessed by finding summer sandals that don't rub my feet: I find that the toe post in most leather flip flops rubs unbearably, and the lovely Roman style Calvin Klein sandals I had my eye on were like wearing sandpaper when I eventually tried them on. And Birkenstocks are the work of the anti-style devil. I had seen a quite sweet pair of Steve Madden ballet flats in American Vague (I'm sure they were in the mag as a sop to the executive fashion editor), so thought I might as well pop in - no stone unturned and all that. And I found these

On seeing the gold pair my first thought was ooh Marbella and the second was ah ha Essex meets Manhattan. But then I slipped a foot in and changed my mind. They actually look ok...flips flips can be very flimsy looking, too bare for the city, but these seem a little less naked. The (invisible) padded upper sole is the real selling point though - these are so stupidly comfortable that I bought the gold to wear with black, and the brown for everything else. And the real plus point? $29.99 each - a whole 15 squid each. Genius.