Saturday, May 05, 2007

To the Soho Grand for cocktails with H. The bartender makes a mean passionfruit Cosmo in a glass big enough to hold a couple of goldfish. H was in fine form, especially after a very large Manhattan. We meandered over to the Lower East Side to drink beer in The Magician and then to Schiller's for red wine, frites and the rest.

This morning my right elbow is causing me considerable pain - I can't lift my arm high enough to brush my hair. Tomorrow I am buying a new bike with better brakes and possibly some gears too. As for today, I think I might museum hop with H, altho I am knackered with jet lag, having awoken at 6am, and starving hungry. I need to find a proper diner ratehr than just legging it to The Bean on 1st (think Central Perk without the wankers).