Monday, June 18, 2007

Manhattan dating

NY life continues apace: hot, busy, hungover. A few hilarious dates. The most note-worthy? That'll have been with the irrepressible B who I invited to a party to celebrate the fabulous English fashion house Preen’s 10th year anniversary at the Soho Grand last Monday.

After pitching up 45mins late, he told me that my witty text messages were the reason I had secured a proper date. (Ooh prvileged me.) That would be an actual organised evening out as opposed to the ‘fancy a drink darlin’ SMSs round midnight that he had been favouring me with until I texted him back to tell him to invite me out at an appropriate time or bugger off. Then he wanted to know how many other guys he'd be competing with for my attention as he was a busy man and didn't like to bet on uncertain prospects. He then spent the rest of the evening delivering a cracking series of cheese-tastic lines, including the absolute winner: “I just want to steal some sweet kisses from your delicious looking lips.”

I do have the most bizarre time here. On Saturday night I ate mushroom quesadillas & drank too many frozen margaritas at a French speaking supper with JSL & AC at La Esquina in Nolita, a cavernous and dark bar that is so stealth hip that it is hidden downstairs through an anonymous steel door marked Employees Only in a taqueria. The brasserie is then reached by running the gauntlet of two separate bouncers, each radioing ahead through the Stygian depths as you approach the underground checkpoint, finally walking you through the busy kitchen to reach the bar/eating area. I spent the Saturday before taking the guys from a very famous 90’s rock band out to Soho House (not so rock 'n' roll but it's where they wanted to go) and then hanging out in their hotel room 'till 5am. (My mate is their label boss & asked me to entertain them as she was sick).