Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On-line shopping: my love hate relationship with TopShop

On-line shopping is an addictive past time. It's simple at 3am, when it's hot and humid and sleep is impossible, to idly flick through pages of frocks. And, of course, I always seem to end up at (by way of and all the rest). Although I have a love/hate relationship with the store, and I just can't abide the slovenly approach to PR as practiced by their press office, from 3710 miles away the odd piece starts to seem rather attractive. Although, as suggested in my post below, I should be buying pencil skirts and stilettos for next season, I have at least two more months of super hot, sticky weather in Manhattan and all I really want to buy right now are loose frocks. Still, at TopShop prices this isn't going to break the bank, and the postage is only £5 more to the US. (Although their system cancelled my order twice for no apparent reason, costing me a VERY expensive call back to the UK - hmm, a lot in common with the press office then.)

So I bought, gulp, five dresses, including these two:

Liberty Bell Sleeve Dress. Colour: Vibrant Pink. Code:10Y15RPNK £75

Tulip Flower Tier Dress. Colour: Yellow. Code: 10F31QYLW