Friday, July 20, 2007

Back in London.... finally

I had the perfect journey this morning - until I actually got onto the Heathrow-bound 'plane at Newark. I could have done without the know-it-all world traveller who first tried to nick my window seat and who then spent the flight giving me handy tips along the lines of, "Ooh you don't want to sleep now, it'll mess up your circadian rhythms". By the end of the journey I was close to telling him exactly what he could do with his circadian rhythms.

We landed thirty minutes early, & were then stranded on the apron at Heathrow for an hour as a result of torrential rain and thunderstorms (ah, England!), and then my driver couldn't find me for thirty minutes in the melée at arrivals. Finally arrived at my sister's gaff at 10pm to find a frenzied dachshund spraying fountains of wee in the air as it rolled on its back in ecstatic welcome. Crawled under duvet on sofa with now exhausted & snoring dachshund, popped some lovely Solpadeine Max (terrible cramps) & ate doggy bag pad thai from supper with my attractive American friend in Manhattan last night. Quite odd to be eating NY leftovers in London.

To Bristol tomorrow for A & D's marriage & reception on the SS Great Britain. I expect your typical wedding scenario: loads of smug couples, a previously devoted (& charming) ex to avoid, and doubtless lots of Champagne. I am wearing a plunging brown print silk jersey Diane von Furstenberg number (NOT a bloody wrap dress), a cream piqué Princess collared 1950's cotton flared skirt coat and burgundy patent platform Mary Janes. No hats, thank goodness, as the ceremony is not 'till 5pm.