Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dating dinosaurs

I am so thoroughly fed up with going on dates with American men who, with one notable exception so far, talk complete cobblers and then try to jump you. Which is why I have returned home, & am feeling rather miffed. Although, if truth be told, I am knackered and just couldn’t face SE’s party in the West Village, even though I have a sexy new dress and some splendid dancing shoes.

I am just at a complete loss to understand why it is thought acceptable to get boorishly drunk, and then start trying to cop a feel. It’s almost as though these men have some kind of perception shield which a) stops them realising how unacceptable their behaviour is, & b) makes them think that my monosyllabic replies are grunts of appreciation at their macho behaviour. BAH.

Ps I am ORANGE. Radioactively so.