Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Filene's Basement does Basso & Sinha-Stanic

Before I forget, my most random find in an outlet store here in Manhattan has been the discovery of a delivery from Aeffe in Filene's Basement in Union Square. I was a little surprised to find, between the racks of easy fit slacks, Calvin Klein underwear, and Nolan Miller-style party frocks, three rails of rather lovely Sinha-Stanic pieces and, best of all, a whole load of Basso & Brooke's penis print pieces. This gave me much amusement as I am sure Filene's had absolutely no idea what they were carrying, and the thought of a Jersey girl popping into Filene's and going out on the town in what she thought was a merely pretty & colourful print made me chuckle for quite some time.