Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whizzing around

Thirteen appointments at press offices yesterday together with my fabulous assistant P, to see a few of the AW (fall) collections, whilst trying to work out how on earth we are going to shoot 66 pages & four covers in six days at the end of August. Then a wedding dress trying-on session with Miss P. (For her, not me, obviously). Today was biking to Highbury for lunch with little god-daughter day (I find being called Aunty Ssshh rather endearing) & now it's filing my tax return time. The joy! I am going to be somewhat incommunicado this week, owing to having filled every sliver of every day with an appointment, meeting, lunch or dinner in order to get back to Manhattan as quickly as possible. (There is a limit to how long one can cope with sleeping on a sofa with a Dachshund nicking all the space each night.)