Friday, July 13, 2007

Yet another muse for Karl Lagerfeld....

Rumour has it that the latest addition to the Chanel stable is 17 yr old Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. This wouldn't be enormously surprising as she has been sporting Chanel at most of her public appearances, and has just signed with Storm.

I'm starting to get just a little bit bored of Karl Legerfeld's increasingly desperate attempts to appear relevant, and it's not as if Chanel is a sinking brand in desperate need of rejuvenation. Honestly the man changes muse more often then New Yorkers change bottled water brands, and it's becoming hard to keep up. Seems like a young woman only has to appear in a moderately successful film or release a catchy pop song and Karl is beating down her door. Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, Nicole Kidman, Selma Blair, Anna Mouglalis, Fergie, Rinko Kiuchi, Diane Kruger, even flippin Kimora Lee have all flown the flag for Karl, and it only seems like days since Lindsay Lohan was flavour of the month, although at least Emma has been vocal about her dislike of booze & drugs so hopefully no chance of embarrassing links to Chanel a la Lohan. And whatever happened to Lily Allen?

It all makes me long for the days of the good old workhorse supermodel that is Claudia Schiffer.