Friday, August 17, 2007

Barneys Warehouse Sale

Honestly! What a load of cobblers that was. I battled my way through the rain, narrowly avoiding doing a Mary Poppins with my brolly, to West 17th as I had been assured that this was the sale to end all sales. Perhaps I've been spoilt by too many private sample sales but this really did feel like the bedraggled dregs of the season, padded out with the ubiquitous sale racks of unwearable DvF (electic yellow wrap anyone?) and Marc (Hmmm. Been ordering in bulk from Chinese manufacturers, have we?) pieces. And it wasn't particularly cheap either. Discounts were around the half price mark, with the only competitive pricing being on denim - if you could face trolling through the piles of hideous egg yolk colour Acne jeans. Designer coverage for the label slut was good: I spotted Erdem, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Vionnet, Fendi, but not anything I had lusted after at full price, or would have bought at quarter, let alone half. Lots of this summer's wedges and tunic pieces (with which my wardrobe is stuffarama already and which will be dead for next summer), but nothing whatsoever that would have been a clever buy to take your wardrobe through to next season.

If you really must buy a pair of ropey old Manolos for $350 purely because you want a pair in your wardrobe, then the Barneys Warehouse Sale is at 255 West 17th, between 7th & 8th.