Monday, August 13, 2007

Cretins. They are all cretins

Eurgh. Dating in New York is not my cup of Earl Grey at the best of times, & I'm just really not in the mood at the moment for getting gussied up & selling myself to relative strangers. I miss S still dammit, & would rather stick pins in my eyes than get involved with anyone else right now.

Then on Thursday evening I got a tiny pop up email notification in the corner of my screen. At the edge of my vision I could see it said " Member X, you have a new message from XXXX".

Yes, I admit it. I joined a pretty cool dating site about three months ago here in Manhattan. I've on-line dated in London, and it's as good a way to meet new people as any other. At least this way you get to find out if they can spell before you meet up/bother kissing them. The difference now being that in London I did it because I was bored with hanging out with my couple friends, but here I did it because I just plain missed male company. (And, no, that's not a euphemism for anything else.) Of course I was also curious to see what proper American 'dating' was like, seeing as how we don't do that back home. If anything else came of it, well & good, but that wasn't my primary motivation.

So, after ignoring the message for 20 minutes or so, I cracked and logged on to find an older English guy with a sense of humour. I replied telling him (nicely) that I wasn't dating at present, but if he wanted a platonic drink with a fellow Londoner, to feel free... He mailed back enthusiastically suggesting we meet this evening. I agreed. He never replied... Then this am, 3 days later, a slightly stroppy email asking if I did want to meet him tonight. I replied (nicely) asking if he had received my message asking him for a venue & time last Friday... He hasn't replied...Honestly. All this for a drink with a guy I don't even fancy.