Thursday, August 02, 2007

Having a magnificent time on the Magnificent Mile

Am in Chicago for Lollapalooza with lovely L. All is going splendidly, and will report back in more detail.

Highlights so far:
33ft high Anish Kapoor silver reflective bean, Gehry open air auditorium & big band concert & 2-5 acre herb garden in Millenium Park in central Chicago.
River tour of architectural monuments & skyscrapers which we spent prone looking up at the buildings & the sky.
Eating a scrumptious chocolate, fudge, brownie, cream & ice cream sundae for lunch.(Sod nutrition)
Broadcasting live to BBC Five Live radio show from my cell in the park on burning fashion questions of hour. (Random & very amusing)

Our accommodation. No blagging of luxe bed for us in five star gaff
The 5am start & resulting sleep deprivation.