Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lollapalooza fashion

It's always chastening to be reminded that so many people couldn't care less about fashion and, judging by the Lollapalooza audience, lots of those people who let fashion pass them by were in Chicago this weekend. Whilst the British media would like us to believe that there is an umbilical link between music and fashion, the evidence at Lollapalooza would suggest otherwise.

There is no way a fashion company would send a trend-spotting team to Lollapalooza as they would at Glastonbury. Ninety per cent of men wore brown-ish knee-length combats, & the women chose one of three generic outfits: jeans or denim clamdiggers with a tight top, short shorts & strappy vest tops, or elasticated bodice jersey sundresses. Mostly accessorised with last summer's bug eye sunglasses & flip flops.

However there were a few people who had engaged with the idea of dressing up:
The girl on the right is wearing her mother's dress, bought in Hawaii in the 70's. Loving the Almost Famous vibe.
This lovely girl from Utah was one of the only people at the festival who had actually thought wearing shorts with something other than a T shirt. Her smock top & shorts are American Rag, and her sandals are Target.

This guy is wearing Original Penguin with quite some panache.
Kimberly is wearing her grandmother's pretty sundress (that makes me feel rather old!)

So, we didn't spend the entire festival slumming it: we managed to drag ourselves to the CKin2u Blender sessions at the Hard Rock. Cocktails. Rock stars. Models. The usual.

I only spotted one guy in skinny jeans in the entire three days we were there. (Scuse blurriness: this camera is not great.)

Okay - so the American Navy aren't really fashion people, but they do look great...