Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've been broadcasting live on Eddie Nestor's BBC London show this morning. The burning question of the hour: A councilman's proposed amendment to Atlanta's indecency laws which would outlaw the wearing of visible underwear in public. What I find most interesting is that in London this is objected to on the grounds that baggy trousers & visible underwear are a marker of anti-social behaviour, whilst in the American Southern states that are trying to legislate on this issue (Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas), it's seen as a sexual, moral issue to have your underwear on show.

Me, I object to it purely on aesthetic grounds. I have absolutely no desire to see anyone's knickers or pants(underwear) peeking over a waistband. A coloured bra strap, a hint of lace at a neckline, or a glimpse of suspender(garter belt) and stocking going up a stair: these things could be considered pretty or sometimes sexy, but a greying elasticated waistband or G string could not.