Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cupcakes & tea dresses

The scorching sun is back, and with it my good humour. I am off to an afternoon Tea Baby Shower for my photographer friend J in Chelsea this afternoon. I shall be wearing a suitable frock for the occasion: a pretty 1940's turquoise silk teadress with tiny white stars dotted all over it, and a sash.

I'm going to make a batch of iced fairycakes (US: frosted cupcakes) for the tea. I plan to celebrate my weight loss (the misery diet) by licking the bowl out. I think making them will be a challenge, given the lack of cooking scales in the apartment. (I presume this is because of the American reliance on cake mixes. I have never, ever used a baking mix in my life, and I'm not about to start. My mother would blanch in horror.)

I've been wallowing a little this week, feeling a bit disconnected in this odd city but a timely tea (you can take the girl out of England...) with J on Thursday in Union Square reminded me that I do know people in this city with whom I wish to spend more than five minutes. I do wish I knew more men though - not for romance, just for friendship. I have at least four boys in England that I consider to be best friends in addition to my girlfriends and I miss them - and their sardonic take on my life & loves.

Right: to the kitchen....