Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm all blown away...

My frentic shooting schedule means I've been posting little snippets here & there without having time to properly engage with the MOST flattering news! Not one, but THREE blogs I admire have tagged me as a Rocking Girl Blogger. I'm gobsmacked: when people say lovely things quite out of the blue, it takes one's breath away. So THANK YOU Style...A Work in Progress AND Lacquer: A Blog in Lady Lessons & The Discourse of Style and The Glossy

Now I have to engage with listing some blogs I love: thing is we all read each other, so Lovely Liz who is obviously a girl at heart and a fab, valued commentator has already been bagged by my beloved Mrs Fashion who wld also be up there too with Disney Roller Girl. So, here are my tags du jour:

Love Made Visible for her love of good design, be it interiors, graphics or frocks
The Coveted
for her window into San Francisco style & the twist she puts on vintage too.
Please Don't Feed The Models for being sharp & gossipy without being crass or overly salacious and for not shying away from reporting on the murky, ethics free side of fashion.
I WAS going to tag The Glossy - which is how I discovered SHE has already tagged me! So this is a sort of tag in a you got me, I got you kind of way....