Monday, October 15, 2007

Back to normal blogging activity

Firstly I must make a confession: I have been unfaithful. A month or so ago I was approached to start writing a second, paid, anony-blog for another website, off the back of writing this blog. It doesn't deal with fashion directly, but it does mean that I have been writing less on here about what I've been getting up to, as I didn't want there to be a crossover in content. Anyway I realised that this meant that I was getting away from the original point of this blog, which was as much to keep my friends & family up to date with what i was getting up to in NYC as it was for me to sound off about the fashion industry.

Anyway, I have worked out how to balance my two blogs now, so all is well, & I'm back to blogging about my life on here!

LLG xxx