Thursday, October 04, 2007

French Connection sample sale

So I was remarkably surprised by the French Connection sample sale. Firstly it was empty, with incredibly helpful, funny staff. Secondly, it was HUGE. I spoke to the Outlet Manager from Orlando, who told me they had 40 000 units to shift over the next four days, so new stock would be arriving every day.

But the biggest surprise was that, after I had written the sale off (I shoot loads of FC every season for a catalogue & recognised not a single piece) & was about to go home, I clocked a rail of random pieces hidden between the rails of identical crappy thin jersey tops, hideous shoes, badly tailored jackets and other sample sale stalwarts. I picked up two dresses for $50 each. But, most pleasing of all is that the black sparkly dress is still full price (£90) in London, and on sale for $139 reduced from $178 here in NY. The black and white embroidered dress is currently $99 from $158 online.

I have so many parties to go to here in Manhattan that I need loads of cocktail type frocks, so if I find something that fits me I'm happy. (I have an impossible figure to dress - long, thin legs, no waist, tiny 32" back and HUGE bosom. I also only wear dresses & tops with cap sleeves or longer as strappy tops emphasise my bust. And strapless: forget it.)

I wear quite a lot of French Connection as it's practically the only High Street brand that fits me properly. I cannot describe the frustration of working in fashion and having to wear what fits you, rather than what you would choose to wear. The only irritating thing is that, given the exchange rate, French Connection should be half price here - but it's not. They've pitched it way higher in the market in America, with a swishy store slap bang in the middle of Soho)

Anyway, back to the dresses. I'm not fussy and I think this will be useful. It's a simple shape that works with my figure - I'd love to belt it, but you can't belt a non-existent waist. However I'm going to get my local tailor to cut a V neck as a crew neck is mighty unflattering/shelf-like.

French Connection black dress

My dress (below) is actually black with white embroidery - but no pic of this colorway. It is a bit jeune fille, but I think with a long woolly scarf & hat, heavy ribbed woollen Falke tights and Chloe boots or Dr Martens it will be fine for stomping around Central Park & kicking leaves in the Fall. (I never, ever wear trousers, bar jeans, so dresses are my winter staple.)

French Connection white dress

The menswear is a much better offer than the womenswear BTW, with leather jackets down from $599 to $90, and quite nice mens shoes.

French Connection (FCUK) Sale
(Outerwear, shoes, knitwear, accessories)
Oct 3-7; Wed (2–7), Th & Fr (9–7), Sat (10–6), Sun (10–5)
Metropolitan Pavilion
110 W 19th St (near Sixth Ave)