Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Party week

Ooh hoo, it's party week here in Manhattan. Last night I was calm, merely popping out with my house guest, Osman Yousefzada (in town to see Vogue et al), for lots of delicious Korean at Dok Sune in the East Village before he & I strolled up to Strand to buy armfuls of books. (Book stores in this city close at 10.30pm - my definition of civilised.)

London socialite Tamsin Lonsdale launches her Supper Club venture here in New York tonight. I'm a member in London, but the last cocktail party there I went to was full of the kind of people I'd pay to avoid.(City boys, secretary types dressed in Sharon Millen).

The Manhattan Supper Club is quite another proposition, with the emphasis strictly on socialising rather than dating, as in London. She seems to have the city in her pocket with everyone clamouring for membership. BA & I are checking out the launch party tonight: it had better be good, I turned down a big dinner, and a designer's cocktail & trunk show for it.

Tomorrow Iman throws a dinner for Alber Ebaz and Howard Sogol of Barneys at Gemma, which promises Grub, Dancing & Shenanigans. I look forward to this very much. Only prob is that I have to scarper off half way through to another big dinner. This city is TOO busy.