Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hey ho

Hello blog-ettes

(A much nicer name I think than bleaders, which the author of Julie on Julia uses for her blog readers)

A bit slow on the old blog updating of late owing to a veritable flood of commissions, the imminent arrival of my parents and the WW3 that occurred ten days ago whilst we were planning their trip - my mother is, um, challenged, in the tact & diplomacy department where her family are concerned, plus an in-tray the size of Everest and a hangover to match on Saturday when I actually went out for fun for the first time in a fortnight and poisoned myself. Getting sick two weeks ago and being asked to edit a project in the Far East which meant staying up all night did for my memory & sleep patterns too.

Anyway, I have a LOT of outstanding posts, so I am going to try to play catch up this week. Just wanted to apologise for the slowdown in blogging over the past fortnight or so. xx