Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Bonfire night my English friends

Typical: I can spend several weeks painting my nails and rearranging my wardrobe then, the moment I get simultaneously ill and homesick, I get innundated with work. Last week was a pig, but now I'm better-ish and, joyously, the work is still rolling in. Today I was innundated with calls from across the BBC networks asking me to comment on Vogue's top fifty glamour list - no one could quite believe that the Queen had been called glamorous by a fashion magazine. Usually I can get away with doing phoners, but the World Service wanted me to go into the studios late afternoon for a live feed into Newshour. In London they send a car, but here it's so close it's hardly worth it so I, glamorously, hopped on my vintage bike and rode up to 33rd, arriving pink of face with very cold ears. Good thing it was radio. Very pleasing tho: work & exercise in one neat package.

Tomorrow is a random day - off to a truffle tasting uptown at lunchtime, and then to a film at Paramount's screening room. I'm interviewing a film director for Harpers Bazaar at the end of the week, which will be a change from the fashion circus.