Tuesday, December 04, 2007


It is my birthday today and I am feeling very weepily happy as I hadn't expected many people to remember as I am so far from home. But, of course, technology has made 'far' a relative concept, and Facebook means it is difficult to forget a birthday (unless, like me, your notifications are at the bottom of a page and you end up forgetting your best friend's birthday last month - of which I am very ashamed).

So I have been innundated with an extraordinary amount of Facebook messages & emails, and received two splendid bunches of flowers. Best of all my two year old goddaughter Amelia sang me Happy Birthday. I am feeling very blessed right now at having so many thoughtful and funny people in my life.

Still, my lovely ex-boyfriend R summed up the age in which we live rather brilliantly:

"How I hate Facebook. It has in an instant degraded the kudos of people like me, who always remember friends' birthdays, by automating that once meaningful feat of recall. Have a wonderful day."

Normally I thrown the mother of all cocktail parties chez moi for 100 or so people, with my patent martinis made by lovely barpeople, and all my girlfriends in fabulous frocks looking delightful. This year I have invited twenty or so New York friends to drink some pre-supper Champagne with me at Soho House. It will certainly be more civilised than my London parties but, I am sure, given the brilliant friends I have made over here, no less enjoyable.

And ooh hoo I have a GREAT party frock to wear too. (Thank you CA for coming shopping on Bleecker today!)