Monday, December 17, 2007

Warning: brief blogging hiatus coming up

Gah. After the most tortuous journey imaginable, I am finally back in London. Three inches of frozen slush and an ice storm, combined with ungritted roads in Jersey nearly made me miss my check-in time slot. Not that it wld have mattered, as we sat on the apron for nearly three hours whilst they attempted to de-ice the plane. Then it took an hour to de-ice the luggage hold on arrival at Heathrow. Left home in East Village: 5.30am. Arrived at sister's in Hampstead: 12.30am. Not good.

Tomorrow 0730hrs I go in for the chop. I do hate general anaesthetics, and this is my fifth in two or so years. Still, I get to lie in bed for a week and, given the piteous central heating prevalent in England, that is probably the best place to be right now, considering it's bloody freezing. Even stuffing a snoring dachshund under the duvet last night didn't help much on the warming front. Thank goodness though for the thigh high socks I, um, liberated from my last catalogue shoot, and which are currently doing duty as bed socks in a wierdly quite sexy-looking kind of way.

Anyway, next despatch from my sick bed on Wednesday. xx