Saturday, January 12, 2008

Utterly bloody hell

What a week! I have been to-ing & fro-ing from hospital as though I had a homing-in device implanted during my operation before Christmas. My surgeon saw me on Weds, & I am healing well, but won't sign me off for a fortnight to fly back to New York. And then today I was diagnosed with an ulcer in my right eye. I have to wake up every hour through the night to put in drops. It would seem that my immune system is seriously compromised. Am knocking back vitamins like Smarties...

Anyway, I actually feel ok-ish - apart from being scared to look in the mirror at my rabbit-y eye. I am supposed to be going out for the first time this year (and with a boy too) on Tuesday. I just hope I look less white rabbit-y and more Jessica Rabbit-y by then.