Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I'm all of a wibble right now. I had a job interview this week that came rather unexpectedly springing out of nowhere. (I thought I was pitching for some freelance work, but got called in for a proper job meeting.)

If it happens, the job would upend my life in a difficult to comprehend fashion. Obviously I can't say where or what, but enough to say that the words 'director' & 'style' may be involved.

I'm not a natural freelancer, being one of those people who operate brilliantly (!)under pressure and within boundaries. Having to continually sell myself and forage for work can be extremely wearing, but this is, of course, balanced by the extraordinary freedom I have to, say, I don't know, move to New York at two week's notice, or decide to go to Portland, Oregon on Thursday for the weekend, or just work from bed all day tomorrow.

And, of course, in the way that these things always happen, my freelance career is more successful right now than it ever has been. I have new editors wanting my work and interesting opportunities popping up all over the shop. There is also the question of my beloved blog. Way too many people know who the woman beind the construct is for me to continue writing it in this way if I took on a fill time job. The conflict of interest would be too great, and the job too senior for me to wish to give people the handle on my private life which doesn't matter when my employer is me.

I'd also have to commit to living on one side of the Atlantic (I'm not saying which one!), and giving up some hopes & dreams.

But this is balanced by the feeling that I've done my own thing for quite some time now and I do find myself longing for a work environment, a timetable, a complete immersion in a new, all-encompassing project. And a salary would be nice instead of the continual chasing after unpaid invoices and lurching from credit to debit to credit every month.

The team is fantastic, the project director a personal hero, the product believable, & the location interesting. And the role is so perfectly matched to my skills set and experience that it might have been created with me in mind.

Ah well, if nothing comes of it, I'll still have been immensely flattered to have even been considered to have been in the running for the position.