Sunday, March 16, 2008

Osman Yousefzada for Mango

I am so very excited to see Osman Yousefzada's little black dress collection for Mango. The dresses may all be riffs on the LBD, but Yousefzada has drawn on his own multi-cultural roots to add clever detailing, and flashes of colour which all explain why American Vogue dedicated a whole page to his him & his dresses last year.

I've been a dedicated believer in Osman's enormous talent since his very first collection, and we became friends when I met him on the stands at the Exhibition that accompanies the runway shows in London. I ordered this dress, and picked it up last year in late spring from his studio in the West End. I also bought a pretty black stretch cotton scoop neck T with a ravishing black stretch tulle fall from the back shoulders. And I have the most to-die-for butter soft cashmere sweater in a blue that matches my eyes that he gave me when he stayed with me in the autumn. I garner outrageous compliments when I wear his pieces, a result, I believe, of his inherent grasp of what works for women's bodies.

Fellow fashion blogger Susie B has already bought her Mango dress from the advance launch at Selfridges (& looks wonderful in it), and I cannot wait to get my sticky paws on one (ahem, some) when the line launches in the US on Monday.

Osman has just emailed me to tell me which dresses he thinks will work for me, ("think the Grecian peplum number will look good on you, and also the little afghan well as the swing gold bar, and possibly the baby doll..."), so I can foresee biking home from Soho with a very large bag swinging from my handlebars.