Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Handbag nightmares

Let this be a warning to be vigilant: I had my handbag stolen from a cinema in Leicester Square whilst watching The Painted Veil last year. Granted I was curled up in a ball, sobbing my heart out by the end, but the last thing I expected was that some sticky fingered cretin would hook my huge Anya Hindmarch handbag out from under my seat during the film.

Spending the next two hours in the nick, hanging around for an officer to report the crime, I started making a list of what had gone. I nearly had heart failure at the total. I do not buy a lot of designer accessories and fashion editors on magazines, contrary to popular belief, aren't especially well paid, but the replacement value of all the Christmas presents, press gifts & freebies soon mounted up. And, as you may have noted from the picture of my bag here, I sure carry around a lot of stuff.

Once I added up the replacement cost of the bag itself, my Smythson Fashion Diary, a pair of Prada sunspecs & pair of Oliver People's Vanadis, & the Prada wallet which was my leaving present from a job, I was already thanking God for household insurance. In addition I lost my precious digital camera, prescription spectacles & my gold family signet ring, which I had been carrying in my make-up bag prior to getting it re-sized. And then I added up the replacement value of all the cosmetics in my make-up bag. Eek.

It took me months to get all the receipts together, and find the authentication cards for the Prada pieces, in between pinging across the Atlantic like an elastic band. Still, the insurance company have been great and, whilst they are directly replacing the camera & my ring, they've sent me a cheque for the rest. It's mighty tempting to blow the lot on high living or even my tax bill, but I do feel I should replace my nice things, rather than just buying cheap shit.

I did think about calling the PRs for replacement sunglasses, but it feels super cheeky, so I'm buying the replacements. For the rest, some stuff is difficult to get hold of in America, but eBay is proving most helpful.

My new Vanadis (pictured above) arrived this morning via DHL, and I have my Mason & Pearson hairbrush arriving soon. Very excited to have all my accoutrements again: aomehow I feel more together when I have all my accessories in a row. They may not all be expensive or designer but everything I choose is the best thing for the job, and I take great pleasure in that.