Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MORE Hot Cross buns!

Scenario: Good Friday and I am pootling around the apartment, alternately mulling over copy & swearing at the mystery bike thieves. The door buzzer rings, and Mr Fedex hands me a really heavy big box.

Inside are sixteen Marks & Spencer Hot Cross buns. Squishy, curranty, spicy, sugar glazed and wholly delicious. They've had a serious journey: from London to San Francisco in the case of one of my oldest fashion friends, and then back to New York via Fedex

When I put out my plea for Hot Cross buns on-line, I was just looking for info. I certainly didn't expect anyone to actually send me any. Lovely Susie at Style Bubble suggested she send some, but I thought Customs might take a dim view. Tales From The Runway went one step further by actually bringing them with her on her holidays.

I ate four on Friday: one immediately, stuffed in my mouth like a chimp at a tea party, one cold with an inch of butter sandwiched between, and two toasted, split & buttered (but I didn't eat anything else - my diet rule, if I eat bad things, I can't have any other food!) The rest are in the freezer, and I am rationing them.