Sunday, March 23, 2008

Personal style

I was hooting with laughter when I read a lovely review of my blog on Coffeecrazed's microsite on Stumble Upon. It included the line: "You can just tell from the picture that she's one of those impossibly well-manicured, well turned-out blondes with smooth hair. *sigh* ".

I do feel I have to disabuse her: Blonde straight hair (by genes not bottle,) okay - true, but the rest unfortunately not. Sure, I scrub up fine, & I cannot deny that I have a pretty amazing wardrobe, but the scrubbing up & donning of the amazing wardrobe is a very conscious exercise which only happens when I have an event or meeting, as I work from home. I also f**king hate having to blow dry my hair or get my paws painted. My thoughts on the subject here.

This is probably a good place to point out that 85% of fashion editors have no personal taste and often look truly horrific. (The English often favour the 'my wardrobe exploded this morning & I'm just wearing whatever landed on me approach', and the Americans adore wearing a mishmash of expensive labels with no thought whatsoever to creating a personal look.) The other 15% look bloody brilliant, & I envy them wholeheartedly.

There is no greater truism than the one which reads 'Fashion editors can only style other people, not themselves.' And I include myself SQUARELY in this camp.

ADDENDUM: Anouk asked in the comments why, then, do the85% not style each other? My answer: Because a lot of 'fashionable' people in the industry would rather wear the latest trends or cult label to signify how on it they are, rather than consider if said trend or look actually suits them. LLG xx