Sunday, April 20, 2008

My new hat

Speaking of vintage hats (see below), this is my latest find:It was $24 at the Brooklyn Flea and is in absolutely mint condition. I bought it from a stand of excellently sourced vintage accessories, run by Marie & Ian, the charming couple who run this vintage site. I am flying back in July for a wedding on an estate in Scotland, and I think this may fit the bill perfectly.

Although goodness knows what I'll be wearing then. I'm on a be healthy regimen right now (I refuse to use the word 'diet') as my summer clothes are somewhat tight. It also doesn't help that my new job is looming and I really do not want to have to invest in a whole new working wardrobe when I have so many beautiful pieces stashed away both here & in the attics at my parents' place in England.

So, healthy regimen it is then. Certainly no take aways - & that's not as easy as it sounds. Every restaurant in Manhattan from the dodgy Chinese round the corner to Le Bernadin will package you up supper if you ask nicely and, as mentioned before, there are eleven restaurants on my pretty East Village street alone.

I've developed my own skinny version of Nachos, (my abiding vice), which involves half a cup of brown rice, black eyes beans stewed with an onion & stock, grated vegan soy cheese (it's so wrong, I know), fat-free sour cream, and home made pretend guacamole made with half an avocado, cherry tomatoes and a lot of chili sauce bashed up with the pestle & mortar, with a handful of coriander on top and maybe some cubed marinated tofu in with the rice for some more protein. The dish is surprisingly delicious, with lots of umami taste, & filling too.

I just wish there was a healthy alternative to bloody Creme Eggs.