Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring dressing

Spring has finally sprung: it's 24C/74F here in Manhattan. There's a little nip in the air tho, so it's not quite a balmy summer-ish day. BA's bridesmaids to be are taking her out for a celebratory supper tonight & I have no idea what I can wear.

As I haven't yet started my fake tan regimen, my legs are a startling shade of corpse white, & they have the not so appealing blue tinge of skimmmed milk in bright light. I'm cheatng by wearing jeans today, as it's too warm for tights (although I suspect it'll be cool this evening), so I guess that means either a floor length maxi dress for tonight, or I guess I can just sod it and wear tights for the last time before hopping off to the spray tan place first thing.