Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wedding bliss

I'm simultaneously over the moon and rather depressed. BA, my partner in crime over here, has just become engaged to be married to the man she loves. And she's asked her three best friends in New York to be her bridesmaids, me along with F & J, at the wedding in the south of France later this year.

But it will inevitably mean she moves back to London at some point. The nature of New York - no one seems to be from here - means that one has to get used to a rather high turnover of friends. M & L have already returned to the UK & I do miss them enormously but hopefully my other wonderful friends are staying put for the time being. I certainly don't think there's much likelihood of me returning to live in London for some years. Although paradoxically, as the negotiations for my new job continue & it's looking like a runner, it means I am likely to be in Europe more as I will be covering the collections.

And I am amusing myself by sending BA pictures of wedding dresses. I can't think why she didn't like this one: