Sunday, May 04, 2008

The past week

I had a slow old week. Still, that’s not a bad thing as I have just been not very well at all since Sunday, as evinced by my lack of blog posting. I'm very behind with all my admin & letters, my room looks like a bomb site & my laundry needs doing but at least I managed to get two projects to clients and file feature copy on the final minute of my deadline on Friday.

I did make it out for supper on Tuesday to Dos Caminos on Park with BA to meet B and her knitwear designer friend M, and then to Bobo on Wednesday where lovely manager Andy had kept us a fab corner table and I nibbled on their breathtaking ravioli with broad beans.

I still feel pretty ropey, if truth be told, but no late nights and calmness seem to be helping. And an afternoon outdoors in the sunshine is good medicine.