Saturday, January 17, 2009

Being good

I am on the Spending Very Little Money diet which is actually remarkably similar to my normal diet. It's just that this one involves avoiding bloody Whole Foods and the larcenous mark-ups therein, using up every scrap of food in my fridge & larder, even if what I really, really want to do is eat Nachos in a silver takeout tray from Pacquitos, and not buying luxury food like buffalo mozzarella, haloumi cheese or imported Kerrygold butter (also known as the food that makes me fat).

In itself all of this is Very Good. I am being Economical, Green, Seasonal (Turnips! Cabbage! Squash! Curly kale! More kale! More sodding kale!), Healthy, and Inventive With Menus. I'll be joining the Womens Institute soon. And, really, all this economising could really just be called a regimen minceur. Which is a bloody good thing too as I ate way too much delicious and therefore bad food chez mama this Christmas. Crumpets figured largely as did the dread Quality Street. Also Pops gave me a large box of Celebrations choccies at our pre-Christmas, Christmas lunch. This is what happens to the children of divorcing parents. They get fat by having access to twice the amount of chocolate.

BTW I do apologise to those of you who come to this blog in the belief that I will be blogging about my soi-disant glamorous Manhattan lifestyle. I hope to resume normal dilettante behaviour when someone decides that they need to employ me soon.

Meanwhile I leave you with a picture of the rat at the pre-Christmas, Christmas lunch at The Wells in Hampstead (an admirably dog friendly gastropub): Her thousand yard stare when she wants something she can't have (in this case the delectable remains of our shared crumble) was exactly the look on my face outside Dean & Delucca* in Soho this morning.

*High class and shockingly priced deli/food store/home of deliciousness/purveyor of the $3 can of baked beans.