Monday, January 19, 2009

English Invasion

Mama is coming to stay on Thursday for five nights. She's feeling a bit January-blues-ish, flights are super cheap on the dreaded Virgin (I would boycott them because of their appalling telephone reservations system, and the fact they don't serve proper breakfast in Goat Class any more NY-LON, but they now have all my sodding Airmiles. And, of course they do have movies on demand. And they serve choc ices during said movies, so there are advantages) and it's not as if I am super-busy right now.

The whippets, Maudie Littlehampton (manipulative Jack Russell) & Iggy-Wiggy (ball of fluff/Maine Coone) are being looked after by R&C our beloved neighbours, who are airport-chauffeuring/house-sitting, & I have a Town Car booked to meet her at JFK so all is in readiness. Glamorous JK has offered up her Soho pad (now that it has new locks) so she even has an NYC base, if required.

I have told Mama to pack her thermal knickers, & she has emailed me to check up on my requirements from home. I reproduce below as I think it sums me up neatly:

"Please confirm to me what you would like me to bring - tins of Baked Beans, Marmite, contact lenses, plastic folder of receipts, Vogues and Grazias."

Ahhhh. The essentials of my life.