Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Having been told that every train into DC would be packed, we managed to find two facing quads of reclining seats into which I stretched out, covered in my fur coat, and proceeded to sleep like a baby all the way to Washington.

I've just woken up to find an elderly African American gentleman sitting opposite me. With Obama hat and an Obama watch, grinning like a kindergartner on a school outing in three sweaters plus. The last time he'd worn that many layers, he reckons, his mother had dressed him for school.

I'm the same. Tights, woollen stockings, cashmere socks inside my wellies, a wool bell skirt, silk undies and a cashmere twinset bobble hat, ear muffs and a scarf big enough to use as a blanket. There's no way I'm getting cold.

We've got two hours now until the Inauguration Ceremony starts but I think it'll take that long to get from the station to anywhere near the big screens. I still can't believe we are here.
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