Thursday, January 15, 2009

New York winter continues...

Kerist it’s parky here right now at a numbing -7C (21F) but according to the wind chill is making it feel more like -13C (9F). The snow probably isn’t helping that either. The cabTV weather forecast called it frigid. (A word that in England is only used by rude men to refer to girls who won’t put out. Not those who are chilly.) Tomorrow it will feel like -21C. Blimey. Forget fur coats, I shall need fur knickers.

To be honest, I’m not cold at all today as I have been lugging my enormous Tumi case up and down umpteen flights of stairs all morning, whilst dressed in my vintage fur coat. After my West Village date last night, I stayed over at CA’s place two blocks away on Perry so I could be there for the laundryman first thing. (I stay there on occasion and, in return, clean & tidy for the odd visiting guest whilst she is in London). I then hauled my case back down her three flights to grab a cab this morning to Soho where I hauled it up four flights to JK’s beautiful jewel box flat, where I am staying for a week or so whilst she is travelling. (My official East Village bed is currently occupied by The Barrister & bird who otherwise would be cosy-ing up together on the sofa.)

And, brilliantly, a thoroughly charming email from F arrived this morning who felt he had to break the news to me that he remained unmoved by my myriad charms but could we please be friends? I hooted with laughter, and emailed him back directly with a link here. (Working on the theory, which I pointed out to him, that if we are to be friends, and I do hope so, he should know that I write this blog as do all my friends. Some people don’t like figuring on here. Others actively engage. Yes, Barrister, I am talking about you.)