Sunday, January 25, 2009

New York with my mother

My mother is in town for five nights and so it falls to me to provide the entertainment schedule. I am nothing if not her daughter and so, generally, we are on the same page; although I draw a very firm line regarding spending Saturday afternoon in Macy’s with the hordes.

We tend to eat often and well, go for mani-pedis & massages, and whisk around museums and galleries. ABC Carpet & Home, Strand Books, and Walgreens are always on the list, as are theatre & cinema trips. We saw The Cherry Orchard on Friday at BAM, and Slumdog Millionaire & Benjamin Button are scheduled for Monday & Tuesday when most of Manhattan’s museums remain firmly closed.

Today we are headed to Chinatown Brasserie on Lafayette for dim sum with JK (to thank her for lending me her flat last week) then, having persuaded my mother last trip that a subway journey was unlikely to result in mugging, disorientation or violent death, we will hop the 6 train uptown to the Guggenheim, Met & MAD. Later I shall cook supper and I suspect that we will eat it sitting on the sofa with a bottle of good wine & the New York Times lying scattered & ignored around our feet, whilst we watch Cold Case on the telly.